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The key to success is having access to the right tools for the right job at the right time.

Though we might not be presently retained to fill a role your career would map into, we still want to attempt to support your career success.

We consistently receive positive feedback on our Executive Webcasts, Articles, and Resume Development Toolset

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Leveraging the Right Tools to Achieve Your Job Search Success

Best Practice Resource - Executive Webcasts

Our Executive Webcasts are designed to benefit Executives, Executive Hiring Authorities, as well as HR Staffing & Recruiting Professionals.

Executive Webcast Schedule: Communicating Your Executive Value Proposition
Complimentary Session
Live Webcasts are normally $185 USD per attendee

The impression you make via your resume is perhaps the single most important factor in determining if you will gain exposure to your next career opportunity. In this 1-hour webinar we will give you the inside track on how construct a resume that will open doors to the best career opportunities.

Recorded ON DEMAND Webcast Available Complimentary Session
Live Webcasts are normally $185 USD per attendee

Executive Webcast Schedule: Conducting a Successful Proactive Job Search
Live Webcast $185 USD per attendee

Whether you are contemplating or actually looking for your next career opportunity, this 1-hour Webinar covers a dozen key concepts executives job seekers should keep in mind as they look to land their next job opportunity. By keeping these key concepts in mind you'll increase your exposure to opportunities and you'll be positioned light-years ahead of those who don't.

Executive Webcast Schedule: Building a Personal Internet Presence
Live Webcast $185 USD per attendee

There isn't an Executive on the planet who wouldn't benefit from the power to say, "If you'd like to know more about me, just Google me." Whether you are attempting to increase your professional visibility, or contemplating your next career opportunity, this 1-hour Webinar walks you through a step-by-step process - anyone - (regardless of any technical background) can efficiently and effectively implement to create a more visible personal Internet Presence.

Best Practice Resource - Articles

The Evolving Executive: Invest In Evolving Your Career to Avoid Needing To Change Your Career
Ten Commandments for Conducting a Successful Proactive Job Search Campaign
Great Resume Writing Starts with Identifying Your Unique Executive Value Proposition
Internet Presence -- How to Make Your Networking Profile Work for You
How to Interview Well - Both Hiring Authorities and Candidates
Internet Presence - First Page Of Google In Under 30 Days - CareerSmart Advisor Newsletter - Secrets from Master Networkers
and more...

In this video, Ron Bates (Managing Principal & Co- Founder, Executive Advantage Group, Inc.) discusses Career Oriented Executive Coaching designed to Maximize: Opportunity Exposure, Improve Interview Ability, and Capture Better Job Offers with Higher Compensation.

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