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21st Century Leadership Transformation Advantage

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We know how to hit the target!

How many candidates do you really want to interview to ultimately make a great hire?

"The caliber and quality of all 4 submitted candidates were really excellent; I could've hired each one of the candidates they brought to the table. This was something that was really remarkable."
Ido Gur, EVP, ECI Telecom

"They provided us with a small number of candidates very much right on target possessing exactly what we were looking for. We were very pleased that we only needed to interview 3 candidates, and out of those 3 we really had 2 finalists. If our first choice hadn't accepted we would have turned right around and offered the job to the second finalist."
Laura Larsen, Dir, HR & Administration, Zhone Technologies, Inc.

Do you want to only see a sampling from a search firm's Rolodex, or do you want them actually conducting an exhaustive search for the best candidates on your behalf?

"Compared to the other both large and boutique search firms I've used, Executive Advantage Group's network is very large and they tuned into our industry specifically. There's no comparison. I knew we would be more likely to find candidates that fit our industry going with Executive Advantage Group, Inc."
Sandra Swann, Director of Human Resources, ViewCast Corporation

Most recruiters lack direct industry career experience, and are unable to go beyond screening candidates against simple experience-based criteria or simply rehashing resume chronology. A recruiter's inability to evaluate differentiated talent forces their clients to waste time wading through and re-screening "slates" of submitted candidates.

"They clearly understand what's required when a client is looking for mission critical executives."
David Savage, Division President, Meggitt

We leverage our direct career experiences in technology and professional business management with our unique assessment methodology that evaluates a candidate's results based on the differentiating executive skills & abilities they employed to drive their results.

Many candidates look great on the surface, but what do you find when you drill into their backgrounds? Does the recruiter you're using to qualify candidates for the presence of Mission Critical skills & abilities possess the ability to drill down and recognize a candidate's unique strengths and weaknesses?

"As a software infrastructure company, I needed to hire the best and brightest for these positions. Their screening process was quite effective. We only had to interview three candidates to make an outstanding hire for the VP of Engineering position, a tremendous time savings for us. We enjoyed comparable success with the VP of Sales position and our VP of Marketing slot. "
Robert Petrossian, CEO and Co-founder, Menerva

Our in-depth candidate interview methodology provides a unique advantage by combining behavioral and core-competency-based selection processes with our direct career experiences in technology and professional business management.

"I didn't want to have to look at a lot of resumes. I'm pretty strict, criteria-wise; [their] ability to pre-filter candidates through their in-depth interviews was excellent. "
Tony Aquila, President & COO, Mitchell International, Inc.

We bring a new standard to the executive search arena through this unique synergy of experience and methodology - a new standard that consistently results in our filling client mission critical roles with less than 2-4 bulls-eye candidate submissions, and where approximately 50% of the time the first candidate submitted is the one hired.

"Our prior recruiting experience is that these individuals are in extremely high demand and very difficult to find. Clearly, their screening process was quite effective. They remain our choice for recruiting those high-value individuals upon which our company is built."
John Sauerland, CFO, Lightspeed Interactive


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  We execute a repeatable business process that leverages our unique synergy of experience and differentiated search methodology bringing a new standard to the executive search arena. Click here to learn more about the Leadership Transformation advantage we give our clients and our process for producing repeatable results:

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